Please attend today’s APS Board Meeting

Lake Claire needs to present a united from with Candler Park and Inman Park at today’s APS Board meeting.  Please attend if you can.  Even if you don’t have kids, everyone in the neighborhood has a vested interested in keeping Mary Lin together, and keeping Mary Lin in the Inman/Grady cluster.

From the Lake Claire Parents Board: 

APS will be conducting its monthly board meeting Monday, January 9th. For those of you following the demographic study and possible rezoning, there will be an update on the study at 2:00 p.m. At 6:00 p.m. the community meeting will be held, where comments from the public will be heard. If you want to speak at this meeting, you must arrive by 5:40 p.m. to sign up. The location and agenda for tormorrow’s session can be found below.

My understanding is that this meeting will likely have good attendance with parents from local neighborhoods/schools, as this is the LAST MEETING PRIOR TO THE TWO FINAL REZONING OPTIONS BEING PUBLISHED (end of January).

It is important that OUR (Mary Lin and IP/CP/LC) voice is heard at this meeting. Other schools/neighborhoods are planning on being very vocal/visible at this meeting. For example, SPARK will have a strong unified presence – they are soliciting parent attendance, will present their signed petition and a special video made to contest their rezoning to the board, and all will be in their SPARK shirts sitting together (for more information on SPARK’s efforts visit

Please attend if you can – details are below.

Meeting Location:

  • Center for Learning and Leadership
  • 130 Trinity Ave, Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Janauary 9, 2012 – BOARD MEETING NOTICE

2:00 PM – Committee of the Whole

Organizational Meeting (Board Elections)

Work Session Topics

1. Chuck Burbridge, Chief Financial Officer

-Financial Forecast

2. Steve Smith, Deputy Superintendent & Chief of Staff

-Demographic Study Update

6:00 PM – Community Meeting

7:00 PM – Legislative Meeting