Need Volunteers to help coordinate school rezoning communications

Make sure all your neighbors are informed and involved in upcoming issues regarding school redistricting.  The Schools committee is looking for volunteers to help us communicate to all the neighbors of Lake Claire, since not everyone has signed up to receive the email newsletter, or the LC parents emails, or reads the blog or facebook page.  Please use the link below to sign up to help us get the word to all of your immediate neighbors.

Via Sherry Neal, head of our new LCN Schools committee:

Please sign up to assist in educating your area about the school rezoning. We don’t yet know what you will be called on to do, as we don’t know how the process will turn out at this point. Some activities might be going door to door to talk to your neighbors about what is happening or putting letters on mailboxes with information about Lake Claire school rezoning. The goal of the Liaisons is to have people in our community who are close in a geographic area who are willing to educated their area about the issue, so that people can make informed decisions, and help us all work toward the best school situation possible for Lake Claire.
(And thank you, Katie Brady, for setting up the Sign-Up Genius.)