Fill out the APS Survey (and a letter from the Superintendent)

Good Morning Lake Claire!  It seems like all we ever do these days is worry about school redistricting, but it remains important for us to stay informed and involved.

Here is the info on the various options.  If you haven’t already seen them, read over these first, then fill out the survey to let APS know your thoughts.   Remember that these two options are not the final option, and depending on neighborhood pressure and involvement, the final option could be dramatically different.  Other neighborhoods are being quite vocal about what they’d like to see in the next round, and we in LC must stay involved to avoid being blindsided when the next map comes out.

Fill out this quick online survey to make your voice heard.  Be sure to explain why you like a particular option from your point of view (relieves school overcrowding better, better for walkability, does not split neighborhoods, that sort of thing).


Letter from the Superintendent: