Agenda: Lake Claire Neighborhood Mtg THURSDAY

AGENDA: LCN MEETING: THURSDAY, AUG. 16: 7:00 Rose Room , Frazer Center

Reminder to all members: LCN By-laws are on website, Resources, Documents, 2006 & 2008 amendment.

Guests: Ms. Valencia Hudson, rep Councilmember Natalyn Archibong
Officer rep. Zone 6, APD
Other guests

Administration of Oath of Offiice: Dan White, VP Zoning
James Ezeilo, interim VP Environment

President’s report

Treasurer’s report: Account balances
Recommendation of executive committee that LCN donate $2,000. to Frazer Center
for reenforcement of their bridge; vote to be conducted at our September meeting

VP Fundraising report: Neighborhood Halloween activities
LCN Tour of Homes

VP Neighbohood Planning

VP Zoning: VOTE: Request for variance at 2045 Howard Circle to reduce front yard setback from required
35 feet to 11 feet. #V-12-106

VP Environment