March LCN Meeting Minutes

Following are the minutes from last month’s meeting. Please be sure to check the event announcements below!

LCN Meeting 3/21

 Officers Present: Carol Holliday: Planning, Kathie Ryan: Safety, Andrew Sherwood: Treasurer, Joe Agee: President, Nancy Dorsner: Communications, Dan White: Zoning


20 Members

2 Guests


SPO Gruen, APD

Low Crime this month in zone 6


2 Auto Thefts (Minivans)

Sherri Bruenig – Frazer Center

Ÿ  Roof is being replaced. Complete by Mid May.

Ÿ  New 5 senses garden.

Ÿ  Redoing property signage.

Ÿ  April 19: Fundraiser in the garden.  Purchase tickets on the FC website.

Carol (Planning):

Ÿ  NPU Wheelchair testing – looking for volunteers

Kathie (Safety):

Ÿ  As the officer said.  Low crime.

Ÿ  If you are going to be away, use the directed patrol form. Avail on website

Dan (Zoning):

Getting a good number of variances

Comm (Nancy):

Website Changes:

Ÿ  Minutes added to sidebar

Ÿ  Calendar added

Christiane (Liason):

Fundraiser for Natalyn  4-6 on Saturday

545 Harold.

Treasurer (Andrew):

$3685 savings

$2803 checking

Separate accounts for greenspace and mural.

53 households paid dues.


Land Trust:

Miriam: fundraiser March 30, come out and support the Land Trust. 1:00 to 11:00 pm $10

May 11 – Neighborhood Party at the Land Trust

Thanks to Savage Pizza for our refreshments this meeting.

Missing tote bags – if you’ve seen them, please let us know.


2060 Howard Circle – request for incursion into sideyard set back.

Variance not approved  17 votes opposed, 0 to approve.