LCN Meeting Notes for April

Click here to read: Lake Claire Neighborhood Meeting Minutes for April 2013

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Lake Claire Neighbors Monthly Meeting:


Attendees: 21 members, 2 guests

Officers attending: Dan White, Carol Holliday, Nancy Dorsner, Joe Agee, Kathie Ryan , Andrew Sherwood

Opening: President

  •  New lake Claire banner contest
  • New lake Claire tote bags presented
  • Pay your dues for a free bag.


  • Call the police suspicious vehicles/people.
  • Explain why it is suspicious – “Looks like casing houses” etc.
  • Issues with  Dekalb and Arizona light: Safety get with Clive Moore.

Safety : Kathie

  • Whenever you see anything suspicious, be sure to call.
  • REPORT anything stolen.
  • Through mar 30 only 2 incidents: bike stolen, aggravated assault
  • Sign up for the neighborhood watch to stay informed.
  • and Abbadabbas: Traffic Calming signs have been distributed.
  •  A black Dodge Charger dark tinted windows,  has been seen suspiciously in the neighborhood. Tag: BTW
  • Call police if see this car.


Treasurer -Andrew: Treasurer’s report

Checking account $2131
Savings account $3684
Greenspace fund $3000
Mural fund $4292

Communication – Nancy:

  • Events out on website

Welcome committee: Sara

New Welcome bags are in:

  • Ÿ  Magnets
  • Ÿ  Welcome wine!
  • Ÿ  Clarion
  • Ÿ  Calendar
  • Ÿ  Landtrust info
  • Ÿ  Directory

If you want to help with Welcome Committee contact sara.

Liaison: Christiane:

  • From Schools committee: Leslie Grant: School board candidate – Wed 6-8 — Recommended, but not our rep.
  • Natalyn’s fundraiser went well. – If you want to suppot Natalyn and missed it, go to
  •  Frazier fundraiser tomorrow night


Land trust is hosting neighborhood picnic 5/11 3-6

RSVP to safety@lakeclaire to help give us an idea.

Dan: Zoning:


  • 481 Clifton Road
  • Side yard variance for 2.5 ft bump out
  • Attic buildout.
  •  Pass 19-0


  • 476 Leonardo
  • Minor changes
  • 21 yes 0 opposed.


Carol: NPU:

  • Howard Circle: Variance was deferred at the NPU.
  • Bylaw changes-remove inactive area.
  • Allow for email/phone votes to have opportunity to provide comment when impossible to meet short timelines.