A Request from the Frazer Center – Do Not Use Back Entrance

A message from Eric Schroeder of the Frazer Center Board of Directors: According to the FC’s SLUP, the back gate (at Ridgewood Road) is only to be used by Marta and emergency vehicles, not cars. Please do not use this entrance, or you are endangering the FC’s SLUP. See below for details. This seems to apply only to cars, pedestrians and bikes are still welcome.

May 28, 2013
Friends of The Frazer Center

RE: Message from the Executive Committee of The Frazer Center Board of Directors
regarding use of the Ridgewood entrance

Dear Friends,

Earlier this year, after months of negotiation with our neighbors in Lake Claire and with DeKalb County officials, The Frazer Center was granted a “Special Use Land Permit” (“SLUP”) by the County so we may continue to operate on our grounds.

As part of the SLUP, the Frazer Center agreed to limit the traffic that may enter through the back gate on Ridgewood to emergency and MARTA vehicles, and make consistent efforts to keep to this requirement. By and large, the large majority of you have altered your traffic patterns, as a recent City of Atlanta study demonstrated that there has been dramatic decrease in overall traffic activity through the back gate. We thank you for this.

Still, there is work to be done. It has recently come to our attention, through both complaints from neighbors and our own observations, that some parents still enter and exit the Center in the morning and afternoon through the back gate. Several complaints have been made by neighbors to DeKalb County code enforcement about this traffic, endangering our status under the SLUP.

We realize that requiring parents to drive around to the South Ponce entrance may be inconvenient for many of you, particularly those of you who are Lake Claire residents. As the SLUP is in place, it is not the Frazer Center’s and the Board’s role at this point to debate the fairness of this requirement. Instead, we must ensure that we comply with the SLUP so that we may continue to provide the services to the community as we’ve done for the past 60 years.


If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.