LCN Meeting Notes for May

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LCN Meeting Notes – 6/20/13

Welcome – Joe Agee

Guest Speakers

  •  APD’s Officer Elie – said that our main security issue is car break-ins
  • Valencia Hudson from N. Archibong’s office – reiterated Officer Elie’s report and mentioned the frequent thefts of catalytic converters from SUVs around town; she also gave out her email address:
  • Hayden Brody from Jason Carter’s office (Dist. 42) attended the meeting

Officer Reports

Environment – We have won a city “Love Your Block” grant for $1000 which when coupled with the $1500 we received from Ms. Archibong’s office will give us a nice purse to possibly begin some improvements in LC Park or elsewhere in the neighborhood. A neighbor asked about the LC Garden Club, and Brynan Hadaway said she is the contact for that group.

Safety – Kathie Ryan reported that there were 4 incidents of Theft from Auto (one was a catalytic converter) in the period from 5/19-6/1. She also encouraged neighbors to either pick up at the meeting or download the Directed Patrol Form from the LCN website in order to have  APD check on your property when you’re out of town on vacation.

Treasurer – Andrew Sherwood gave the following financial report: savings acct. $3,684, checking acct. $1,971, Greenspace acct. $3000, mural fund $4,292.  Andrew also reminded everyone about our $20/yr dues and stated that there are 79 paid members as of tonight.

NPU – Carol Holliday said she would speak later in the meeting.

Committee Reports – none

Announcements and Current Issues

Voting on changes in the NPU bylaws – Carol Holliday stated that there were 25 Neighborhood Planning Units, Lake Claire being Unit N, and described the proposed changes. She recommended that we approve them, and the membership voted to approve the recommendation with a vote of 21 approved and 0 disapproved.

Voting on changes in the LCN election bylaws –

Kathie Ryan stated that the proposed changes to “Section 4. Nominations” are meant to clarify in advance of the November voting the names of everyone who is running for office. The names of all candidates running for office will be published in the November issue of the Clarion. She also described the proposed changes to “Section 6. Term of Office” as being practical since the LCN meeting in December is a dinner, and the transition to new officers would make more sense if changed to January. The membership approved both of the proposed recommendations with a vote of 22 approved and 0 disapproved.

Bicycle safety improvements along McLendon Avenue

Jonathan Lewis and Joshuah Mello from the Office of Planning, City of Atlanta, described proposed changes along McLendon Avenue from Connecticut through to DeKalb Ave. via Howard Circle and DeKalb Place to accommodate the PATH bicycle traffic through our neighborhood. There was a lively exchange with affected neighbors who would lose parking along the south side of the stretch in the proposed plan, and it was decided that communication/meetings between the city and neighbors would be set up in order to wade through the many thoughtful alternatives that were offered and so that the neighborhood would have a voice in the final plan. For more information contact

 Other issues

Gary Botste brought up the presence of several Little Free Libraries in LC and CP and encouraged their proliferation and use.