McLendon Ave Bicycle Lanes Proposal

Please review the new proposal for Bicycle Lanes on McLendon Ave.  This will be discussed at Thursday’s Lake Claire Neighbors meeting.

Project 1018 – McLendon Ave Bicycle Lanes
(SD&C Build)
Description: This project will install uphill bicycle lanes and sharrows along the eastern section of
McClendon Ave between Connecticut Ave and Howard Cir, which is part of the onroad
section of the Stone Mountain Trail. The existing on-street parking lane on the
south side of the street will be more clearly marked with white edgelines. Scope
includes pavement patching, long-lasting thermoplastic pavement marking installation,
addition of green pavement markings at key conflict points, installation of enhanced
parking/regulatory signage and bicycle wayfinding signs, and the construction of new
bicycle treatments at intersections with other designated bicycle connections. As
funding permits, ADA upgrades at intersections will be included in the project scope.

McLendon Bicycle Lanes proposal – full details with map (click to download/view pdf file)