Get Involved: Greenspace beautification (improving the lake claire parks)

Lake Claire is looking for people who want to be involved in planning or helping with Greenspace beautification!

Dear Neighbors,

Get out your rakes, hoes, trowels and other implements of mass landscape construction and help make the neighborhood look better! The Lake Claire Executive Committee has approved the following areas for greenspace cleanup and beautification:

Lake Claire Land Trust:

$500 from City Beautification Grant (Natalyn Archibong)
$500 from City of Atlanta Love Your Block grant

Lake Claire Park Marlbrook Dr. parcel :

$500 from City Beautification Grant (Natalyn Archibong)
$500 from City of Atlnta Love Your Block grant

Harold Avenue Greenspace:

$500 from Natalyn Archibong grant
$500 from LCN Primary Savings Account

If you have interest in volunteering and ideas or suggestions, please contact the persons listed below for further information:

Lake Claire Land Trust: Brynan Hadaway:

Lake Claire Park: Judy Hammack:

Harold Avenue Greenspace: Joe Agee: