Meeting Notes: July 2013

Meeting Notes – July 2013

July Lake Claire Neighbors Meeting July 2013:

Officers present: Kathie Ryan, Andrew Sherwood, Nancy Dorsner, Dan White, Joe Agee, James Ezeillo



Be Careful at Candler Park, do not leave purses, wallets, keys, etc.

Please report any issues you see.


Treasurer’s Report:

  • LCNA Treasurer Report 7/15/2013
  • Our bank accounts at BOND as at June 30 were:
  • Savings account $3684
  • Checking account  $1642
  • Greenspace fund $3000
  • City Beautification fund $1500
  • Mural fund $4292
  • Paid-up members 82

We just received $1500 from Natalyn for neighborhood beautification.

$1000 from Park Pride’s Love Your Block grant.

$240 from



We are putting together different greenspace projects, including Land Trust and Harold Avenue Greenspace.

Will be asking for input from the community


Next Thursday


A new LC/CP Kids Meetup Group on Facebook.

Liaison – Christianne:

Frazer Center is looking at replacing back gate with a automatic gate.  Dumpsters have been placed.  Parking lot is on hold due to funding.

Natalyn’s campaign on going.  The neighborhood has done well in providing fundraising.  She has raised about $40K (vs. $8K for her opponent).


We are seeing an uptick in variances.

There is a master plan for the Harold Ave Greenspace, we are going to implement it now.


Common Cause:

Feels that the citizens should have a chance to vote on the money the city would spend on the stadium.

Requests that those interested sign the petition.


Joshua Mello, Director of Planning, City of Atlanta

3 of the approved projects are in Lake Claire.

Most controversial : Bicycle lanes

Brought a new counter proposal to the neighborhood’s proposal.


Accept in concept the city’s proposal with details about the switchover to be worked  out with the representative neighbors.  21 yes, 2 No, 1 Abstention, 1 Illegible


Valencia Hudson from Natalyn‘s office:

Encourage to attend the Neighborhood Watch training.

Please email Valencia if you see streetlights out, or dark areas that need street lights.



Variance approved 24-0


Andre Dickins

Running for Atlanta City Council Post 3 at Large