LCN: August 2013 Meeting Notes

LCN Meeting: August
Officers Present: Joe Agee-President; Carol Holliday-Planning; Andrew Sherwood-Treasurer; Nancy Dorsner-Communications; Kathie Ryan -Safety

Nothing new.

Mgr Timothy Peek
Caught many car breakins 4043715002  cell 404 831 0824
Any issues please contact.
Is you have an issue with police response, please ask for a supervisor.or call number above.

Kathie: Safety
Crime report:
6 crimes reported in LC
Don’t put your keys down, purses. (esp at Candler Park) don’t leave your stuff.
Directed patrols
Park your cars off the street if possible.
Contact APD for every incident.

Carol: NPU
NPU stood with us and denied the Harold variance request from last month.
Has been deferred at BZA.
Boyd’s variance (the other variance from last month) was deferred at NPU.

James: Environment
James is now on the board of the Frazer Center.
Submitted a grant to Park Pride for a Love Your Block $1000 grant.  Plantings done be people from the Frazer Center.
A project in the planning stages – connect Frazer Forest to Fernbank Forest as a Lake Claire project. Via an underground tunnel.  
Plan to use FC resources to maintain any plantings at LC park. 
Discussed water sources for the upper LC park on Marlbrook.

Nancy: Communications
Make sure you signed in, noting if member
Don’t forget, the Banner contest ends 5/31.
Will add Donna Van Gogh as a sponsor to the Picnic (on the website).

Andrew: Treasurer
Insert report

89 paid members

If you have interest in the Tames property – McLendon and Clifton please  contact

Allyson McCarthy
Candler Park Arts Center

Check the last edition of the Clarion to vote for the new LC banner.  

Lake Claire beautification W orking on Howard Circle roundabout.

1735 Adolphus variance
17 approved, no opposed.