From our City Councilperson, Natalyn Archibong

The Committee for a Better Atlanta (CBA), a non-partisan committee of business and civic organizations, has released ratings of all the city council and mayoral candidates, and our current councilwoman, Natalyn, received an Excellent score of 91.  You can see all the results here:

Natalyn has also asked us to share this with the neighborhood:

Archibald Sets the Record Straight

Dear Neighbor,

I understand some malicious political emails from an anonymous source are being circulated in your neighborhood. Because most of you are familiar with my years of service, I know you will not be easily fooled by desperate campaign efforts.

As I have said publicly, and am saying to you personally, I fully cooperated with the ethics inquiry and voluntarily agreed to pay a $250.00 fine. Though I did not violate the law, I recognized that the “spirit” of the law was in question, so I opted to settle to re-focus my attention on the issues that matter most to us- strengthening our city services, the 911-task force, and continuing to serve you.

During my 12 year tenure, I have learned important lessons about courage. I learned some of those lessons fighting for the Harold Avenue green space; fighting for streetscape improvements; fighting blight and neglect at the corners of Tye and Kirkwood, Second Avenue and Hosea L Williams, and Moreland Avenue and Caroline Street.

Courage to lead, in the first place, comes through taking tough stands for stronger ethics laws. My record shows that I started the journey for stronger ethics laws beginning with the first year I was elected to serve. Courage also comes in standing up for more police officers and in fighting to clean up our streets. I do that every day.

Courage, however, is not about anonymous email attacks or negative campaigns done in the darkness of night. This campaign shouldn’t be about negative attacks, it should be about making District 5 neighborhoods better.

Here’s what I know, and what you have consistently known of me throughout my years of public service: I am completely committed to serving the constituents of District 5.

Thank you for allowing me to set the record straight, and for allowing me to serve. Please feel free to contact me as you always have.