Entries for Lake Claire Hanging Banner – VOTING @ 12/12 Holiday Party

We will be voting on a new hanging banner to represent the neighborhood at our December 12 holiday party.  The entries are detailed below.  Please take a moment to peruse these entries now.  See you there!

LC Banner - Entry A
LC Banner – Entry A

Entry A artist’s description:  After living in Lake Claire for 6 years, I’ve come to know my neighbors pretty well; we’re diverse and unique, yet we gladly claim each other as neighbors as well as friends. We’re part of the inner circle that we call Lake Claire: just play the community drum, and we’re drawn together. Some of us are artists, or just plain creative, some of us have chickens; literally, we raise chickens in our backyards. What can I say? We love nature, and most of us
are free spirits. My depiction of Lady Lake Claire portrays all of these things; her basket is full of these symbols. There is the community drum to represent our drum circle, a hen tucked in the picnic basket to represent our nature lovers, and colorful paint brushes to represent our creative force. The daisy in her hair, its petals flitting in the wind, represents Lake Claire’s free spirit. I chose these symbols to embody our community and hope our neighbors feel the same way!

LC Banner - Entry B
LC Banner – Entry B

Entry B artist’s description:  This pictures the lush greenery all through Lake Claire, as well as the lake itself. There is a lot to see and do outdoors in Lake Claire! The picture is hand drawn to reference the handmade arts in Lake Claire. It also is a little eccentric, like Lake Claire itself!

LC Banner - Entry C
LC Banner – Entry C

Entry C artist’s description: The Seasons of Lake Claire:Lake Claire is a beautiful neighborhood.   We’ve called Lake Claire home for nearly 20 years and love living here.  Each season brings its own new beauty to this neighborhood, and that is what inspired me while designing this piece.  As the seasons change, so does our view outside our windows.

LC Banner - Entry D
LC Banner – Entry D

Entry D artist’s description:  Lake Claire is an oasis in the middle of the city of Atlanta being a heaven of peace. Lake Claire is characterized by beautiful craftsmanship architecture, mighty old trees and a sunny and neighborly life style.   This design of the new banner represents a craftsmanship house, the lake that doesn’t exist, the sun as a sunflower, and the frog from the watershed mural.  The house and the trees stand to define the location. The sunflower, the happiest of all flowers, is the perfect symbol for the harmonious life in Lake Claire. As it is mirroring the sun, its heat and light is one of the essences of life.  The frog represents our neighborhood’s love for all things alive and the passion to live peacefully with all creatures of nature. And the non exciting lake still symbolizes water. This source of life is not only essential to ourvery existence, but nourishes the wonderful old trees in Lake Claire. The design approach is modeled after the poster art of the art nouveau period, exactly the style of the time when Lake Claire was established.

LC Banner - E1

LC Banner – Entry E

Entry E artist’s description:  I chose the Sunflower as a centerpiece for many reasons.  It is the same theme as used with earlier editions of the Lake Claire Newsletter, before it was renamed The Clarion.  At that time the newsletter was simply printed on standard office paper, front and back. The Sunflower represents our neighborhood, striving for simplicity without fanfare.  It represents a year-round cycle as its seeds fill up feeders for the birds to gather round in winter.  Finally, the centerpiece design will be better viewed by passing cars, but most of all by the high volume of foot and bike traffic in our wonderful neighborhood.

LC Banner - F1

LC Banner – Entry F

Entry F artist’s description:  I love this neighborhood and the vibrant historical value it brings to the city with its architecture and people from all different walks of life.  I created a banner that speaks to our fun, quirky, artsy, and neighborly area.  The abstract circular design addresses the concept of community, art, nature (sunflower) and of course our unique drum circles!

LC Banner - G1

LC Banner – Entry G

Entry G artist’s description:  We feel lucky to live in area blessed with so many big beautiful trees, lovely homes, and diverse wild life.   On our street, we have often been treated to the “who-cooks-for-you” mating call of the Barred Owls. Once I was startled awake in the middle of the night by this haunting sound from an owl near our bedroom window. It was loud! A few years ago, I sat on the grass with neighbors in their backyard and gazed at one of these creatures as it perched on a low limb and observed us just as intently. The cat in the illustration is our beloved “Kitty.” He is a pampered and contented indoor kitty-cat, but he has a keen interest in the birds and other animals outside. His favorite observation post is our screened-in front porch, but for the banner, I chose to put him in an attic window similar to many in the neighborhood.

LC Banner - H1

LC Banner Entry H

Entry H artist’s description:  Why this image?  The Bird was created before I knew I’d be moving back to Lake Claire.  One day I was working with fabric leftover from several quilting projects and suddenly my hands began creating the Bird.  It was literally like he just flew in the window through my hands.  When I got back to Lake Claire, I finished him and gave him to my friend for helping me move back home.  Some of my old friends suggested I submit it for the contest… so I did.  He’s an enigmatic spirit for me… which is what Lake Claire is for me too!