Meeting Minutes – November 2013

Hi all, In case you missed our last meeting, here are the notes to keep you up to date!  Be sure to read them, as there are several important announcements.

Nov 2013 Lake Claire Neighbors Minutes

Lake Claire Neighbors
Monthly Meeting: Nov. 21, 2013
7:15 PM at the Frazer Center, Rose Room
1815 Ponce de Leon Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30307

Pizza  (compliments of Savage Pizza)  and wine will be served 15 minutes
before the meeting.   The Lake Claire Neighbors Association is very grateful
to this local business for its generous support.

Attendees: 32 members, 3 visitors
Officers Present: Nancy-Communications, Dan-Zoning, Carol-NPU, Joe-President, Kathie-Safety, Andrew-Treasurer


Guest speakers (Representatives of the City Council, State Senate and Atlanta Police Department)

Valencia: Thanks for your support of Natalyn Archibong. Natalyn was elected and will continue to be our city council rep for 4 more years.

LCN officer reports

NPU: Carol
NPU is Tuesday night 7:00pm 1083 Austin Ave.

Treasurer: Andrew
Treasurer Report As of Oct 31
Savings $3684
Checking $968
Greenspace $3000
City Beautification: $1500
Community Foundation Fund: 0 (fully utilized)
Mural Fund: $4286
Paid up members: 100

Communications: Nancy
Nothing new. Keep up with the news on our Website.

Safety: Kathie
Sept 29-Nov 2 – 6 broken windows in cars.
Please continue to be vigilant.
Remember to use the Directed Patrol Form if you are going out of town.

APD Officer report:
Register your home alarm by 2/1/14. Otherwise $150 penalty if your alarm goes off.

Do you have to register non monitored alarms
If the police come out to your house and you call 911, ask them are if

Nelms breakin – stolen keys out of the house then stole car.

Make sure you set your alarms, due to holiday season. Do not put holiday present boxes out for trash.

Holiday Dinner!

Thursday, December 12th from 6:30 to 8:30pm
The Atrium at the Frazer Center
Vegetable & Meat Lasagna/Mac and Cheese for kids, lemonade, wine and dessert provided by the LCN. All addresses: please bring a salad, side dish or bread with serving utensil
Note: The Ridgewood gate will be closed to cars but open to pedestrians. Cars must enter and exit on South Ponce de Leon Avenue.
Note: December 12th is the second Thursday, not the customary third Thursday of the month.
Final Note: Voting for the new Lake Claire banner will take place for all residents, dining or not.


Lt Floyd 3-11pm
Zone 6 Precinct 404 371 5002

Announcements and current issues
· 2013dues reminder – $20 per household
Could use help with the setup:
· Plans for the Lake Claire Neighbor’s Annual Holiday dinner at the Frazer Center, Thurs., Dec. 12, 6:30 to 8:30
· Preview of submissions for the new Lake Claire Banner
Banners: Will vote at the Dec meeting.
· Update on the Harold Avenue Greenspace

Neighbor Announcements
12-4 on 521 Harold Ave: Bring leave for a huge leaf pile, and roast marshmallows
12/1: Charter for Compassion Meeting – Compassionate Cities/Kind Neighborhoods campaign. 525 Harold 3:30-5:00
· Introduction of candidates and election of officers for the Lake Claire Neighborhood Association
Andrew Sherwood: Treasurer (current)
Nancy Dorsner: Communications (current)
Dan White: Zoning (current)
Carol Holiday: NPU (current)
Kathie Ryan: Safety (current)
Christiane French: Environment
Sara Rockaway: Fundraising
Joe Agee: President (current)
Slate Passed by a show of hands.
· Variance Applications:

1) V 13 237  410 Leonardo:    reduce side yard setback from 7 ft. to 4 ft.
and reduce front yard setback from 35 31.5 ft. for 2nd story build
Passed: 31/1

2) V 13 225  505 Claire Drive:  reduce north side yard setback from 7
ft. to 3 ft. for a rear addition
Passed: 28/0

3) V 13 220  420 Hardendorf Ave:  reduce front yard setback from 35 ft. to 17 ft. and reduce north side yard setback from 7 ft. to 3 ft. to allow for
expansion of existing attic for addition to an existing single family dwelling
Passed 28/0
4) V 13 215 516 Hardendorf Ave: reduce side yard setback from 7 ft. to 0 ft. and rear yard setback from 15. ft to 0 ft. for renovation of existing accessory structure.
Passed 31/0
5) 2) V 13 222  277 Connecticut Ave:  reduce front yard setback from 30 ft. to 15 ft. and half depth front yard setback from 15 ft. to 7 ft. to allow construction of new single family residence and garage
Passed 23/7

Lake Claire Neighbors meets the third Thursday of each month.
The Annual Holiday Dinner, December 12, will take the place of the regularly scheduled meeting for that month.

Stay informed!
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