Lake Claire Security Report 3/30 – 4/26/2014

Lake Claire Security Report 3/30 – 4/26  2014

 Auto Theft
400 block Leonardo Ave          4/3/14             unlocked; from street
1998 Toyota LCR         Vehicle recovered after being involved in a hit and run accident

300 block Southerland Terr     4/1/14             front door of home damaged
Taken: nothing            Print lifted

Other Larceny
300 block Mathews Ave          4/9/14
Taken: bicycle removed from unsecured area outside of residence

Theft from Vehicle
400 block Hardendorf Ave      3/30/14           vehicle unlocked; parked on street
Taken: Apple iPod

400 block Hardendorf Ave      3/30/14           no damage
Taken: USB charger, change               Prints lifted

400 block Clifton Rd                3/30/14           Taken: change and a check
Damage: vehicle 1 – window broken; vehicle 2 – passenger door pried open
Victim saw suspicious male on bike

400 block Clifton Rd                3/30/14           Taken: change             unknown entry
Arizona and DeKalb location               3/31/14           Damage: rear driver’s side window
Taken: messenger bag containing Mac Book, SD card          parked on street

200 block Mathews Ave          4/3/14             vehicle unlocked
Taken: family photos

300 block Mathews Ave          4/9/14             from driveway
Taken: pocket knife, cash       Damage: small left rear window broken, front driver window broken

Contact APD by dialing 911 from your home or cell phone for any/every incidence of crime or suspicious behavior.  It is no longer necessary to dial 404-658-6666 when using a cell phone.  Tell the operator you’re in APD’s Zone 6, Beat 608 if your location does not automatically come up on the operator’s screen.  For up to date security reports join

IMPORTANT:  If you have not yet registered your wired home security system with APD please do so immediately.  As of February 1 a fine of $150 will be assessed to the homeowner if APD responds to  false alarms from unregistered security alarm systems.  Go to for more information.