“Life is Too Short to Watch Lousy Movies” Neighborhood Film Group

One of our Ormewood Park neighbors has asked us to get the word out to like minded Lake Claire-ians about their film and discussion group.  Check out their website, linked below, for more information.

out-of-the-past-posterAfter a half hour of commercials and two hours of explosions at the local multiplex, perhaps you’ve had the feeling that there must be a better way to spend a Saturday night.  We think so too.  Life is Too Short to Watch Lousy Movies is an Atlanta film viewing and discussion group which was founded in 2007 to provide a more worthwhile moviegoing experience.  It consists of two parts, the First Saturday Classic Film Seminar and the Second Saturday Film Club.  Please click the links in the paragraphs below for details on how the group works.  To participate, complete the form on the [group website’s] Contact Us page.

Check out their website if this looks like a group you would be interested in:  http://classicfilmappreciation.webs.com/