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I am writing this for a friend that lives up the street from me on Lakeshore Drive in Lake Claire. At around 4am they heard a noise outside their house. 20 minutes later they heard a second noise and turned on all the lights. They soon discovered that someone had been in their home and had taken 2 Ipads, 2 laptops, a work bag that contained keys, identification, cell phone, wallet; her purse with all identification, wallet, etc. They walked outside to find that one car was running in the drive, and the other in the neighbor’s yard, stuck in the wet grass. Apparently, the perps didn’t know how to take off an emergency brake in either car. They called 911 at 4:29 a.m. and said they thought someone was in their home. 911 said they would call a police officer. 10 minutes later the owners called 911 again and they said someone was on their way. The police did not show until 25 minutes after the first call. The police officer stayed for an hour once he arrived. There was no evidence of fingerprints; checked windows and doors for prints and didn’t find anything. There was no forced entry and they came in through a back door. The owner said she checked the locks before going to bed. Outside hidden key used? It was in the same place it always was. Their dog was asleep in its crate in the office where the perpetrators found one of the lap tops. Some lights were on in the house. Doesn’t appear that they went anywhere else in the house – just the main floor. Lock your doors and keep your eyes open!