Meeting Minutes for August

Attendees : 16
Officers present : Joe Agee, Sara Rockaway , Andrew Sherwood, Nancy Dorsner, Dan White

Christiane not here this month, Joe reporting for her.

  • Love Your Block grant has been applied for -Harold Ave Greenspace.


Lt Floyd APD

  • Vehicle breakins primary issue in our area
  • mostly on McLendon, and Moreland Ave east side
  • Several residential burglaries , no sign of forced entry.  Don’t leave doors or windows unlocked , make sure yard is well lit.  Clean passenger compartments in cars (no valuables).
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Please report suspicious activities.

Valencia (for Natalyn) :

  • “In Rem” hearing for 462 Hardendorf, 263 Matthewson
  • For potholes : 311
  • Thanks to Valencia and Natalyn for pothole fixes on Harold and Marlbrook.

Reminder…Directed patrol forms with APD if you are out of town.

No news

Sat October 4
Need volunteers and a few more homes.  Contact Sara if you want to help, or sponsor.


  • LCN Treasurer Report 8/1/2014
    • Our bank accounts at BOND as at July 31, 2014 were:
    • Savings account $2155
    • Checking account $5100
    • Greenspace fund $3000
    • Mural fund $4286
    • Dues paid as at July 31 95
    • Banners sold as at July 31 34

NPU: (Carol nor present)

  • NPU-N Bylaws approved 13-0

Lake  Claire Park plan:

  • Vote to approve 14-0

2054 Howard Circle Variance:

  • 11-Yes, 2- No, 1 Abstain:  approved.

King of Pops Aug 24 Sunday at Lake Claire park.  Thank you to Park Pride.  1:30-2:00