November LCN Meeting Minutes

(Apologies for the lateness, this was stuck in Draft!)

November LCN Meeting – Nov 20, 2014

Officers present: President, Joe Agee; Communications, Nancy Dorsner; Safety, Kathie Ryan; NPU, Carol Holliday; Zoning, Dan White; Environment, Christiane French

Opening Remarks (Joe):

City Council
Natalyn Archibong’s Office (Valencia)
Thanks to Natalyn for helping get Clifton crossing issues addressed.
Contact about crossing guard at Marlbrook and Clifton.

APD Not present

Officer Reports:

Only 4 incidents in Lake Claire this month.  Security Report for Nov
Kathie attended a Candler Park meeting around a paid safety patrol for Candler Park and Lake Claire. Stacy Funderburk is head of the Exploratory committee.
If you are interested, contact Russell Miller – VP Safety Candler Park:

Download directed patrol form off the website if you are going out of town and they will keep an eye on your house. Must be faxed or dropped off.

Holiday Pot Luck Thursday Dec 11 6:30-8:30.
Volunteer: safety@lakeclaire

Land Trust Holiday Sale: Dec 6 10-4

Treasurers Report:

  • LCN Treasurer Report 11/1/2014
    • Our bank accounts at BOND as at October 31, 2014 were:
    • Savings account $2155
    • Checking account $5742
    • Greenspace fund $3000
    • Mural fund $4286
    • Dues paid as at Oct. 31 106
    • Banners sold as at Oct. 31 37

We now have a non-emergency number in Atlanta. 311.

Nothing new.

New Japanese Garden at Landtrust.
Improvements also made to Harold Ave Greenspace.
Lake Claire Park: Judy Hammond has been working with the city on the Park.
Continuing conversations about linking our Greenspaces to others in the city.

Thank you to Beth Krebs for her tenure as school chairman over the past several years. Annsley Klehr will be taking over her role going forward.

Officer Elections:
Motion made to elect current slate.
Motion seconded.
Motion approved by voice vote.

1718 Adolphus St V 14 251
Approved: 20 Yes, 1 No

1732 Mclendon Ave V 14 230
Approved: 20 Yes, 2 No

366 Southerland Terrace V 14 242
Approved: 18 Yes , 0 No

358 Southerland Terrace V 14 243
Approved: 18 yes, 0 No

607 Clifton Rd V 14 227
Approved: 19 Yes, 1 No