LCN January Meeting Minutes

LCN meeting, January

Centennial year (c1915) is THIS YEAR!!

Officers present Andrew Sherwood, Treasurer; Joe Agee, President; Nancy Dorsner, Communications; Kathie Ryan, Safety; Carol Holliday,  NPU

Members: 10

Will get us a proclamation from the city for our anniversary
Carjacking at Edgewood shopping center, had several others in Dekalb county. Be vigilant.
Have been flagging repeat felony offenders so that can’t plead out and get right back out again.

2 incidents last month.
Theft from house after cleaning crew left.
Theft from auto.
Gave our beat officers a $15 Candler Park Market gift card.
Gave our 3 fire dept shifts each gift certificate for pizza.

Security Patrol: LC is engaging with Candler Park. No news yet.

Bond issue is coming up this March.  Funds to help with redoing Dekalb Ave.

Carol:  Non emergency number, call 311.  For city of Atlanta non emergency (potholes, etc).  Still call 911 for most police matters.

Candler park market will accept packages for you. Go in and sign up to have your packages delivered there.

Pay dues, get a tote bag!
Don’t forget , we still have banners.
Insert treasurers report here.

Next meeting will have a very important special use permit for the Clifton Ministries.

Tour Of Homes: will be done in the fall, a along with our centennial activities.
If you are interested in joining the Centennial committee and participating in the planning, please let us know.

Welcome committee: if you are interested in participating in the Welcome Committee, please contact Annsley.

Greenspace updates: Land Trust is still working on Japanese Garden.
Trees Atlanta installing trees in Lake Claire.