Lake Claire Security Report 1/4 – 1/31/2015


200 block Connecticut Ave.  1/14/15           Taken: iPad, laptops    Key left in front door
Homeowner heard a noise in the night, found the front door partially open, locked the door removing key and went back to sleep.  Upon returning home from work later in the day she noticed the items missing.

200 block Nelms Ave.                        1/15/15           Taken: laptop              Back door left unlocked
Victim left the apartment leaving his roommate sleeping and the back door unlocked. When he returned there was a male he has seen frequent L5P leaving the apt. with a backpack. When he entered the apt. the roommate was still asleep and the dog, which had been silent, began to bark.  No prints.   Suspect: B/M, 5’9” tall, medium afro, in his forties

200 block Connecticut Ave.  1/26/15                Taken: laptop, purse, credit cards, car keys
Residence was unlocked    Using the car keys the suspect also removed clothing from the trunk of the car.  No prints.

Other Larceny

400 block Sutherland Pl.       1/30/15           Taken: bicycles taken from backyard
Witness advised that 3 B/Ms were walking near the home around the time of the theft. The bicycles were recovered at the location of a separate incident, an auto theft.

Theft from Auto

400 block Hardendorf Ave.   1/18/1/5          Taken: iPad, tablet      at residence
Damage: driver’s side door window broken              No prints taken


The property manager at the Edgewood Retail District would like all patrons to program the following number into their phones in the event of a threatening situation or to report anything amiss:  678-618-2308.  This is ERD’s 24 hour security number.       

Contact APD by dialing 911 from your home or cell phone for any/every incidence of crime or suspicious behavior.  Program 404-658-6666 into your cell phone for a prompter response.  Tell the operator you’re in APD’s Zone 6, Beat 608 if your location does not automatically come up on the operator’s screen.  It’s also a good idea to give a call back number.  Use 311 for non-security related issues such as missing manhole covers, side walk problems, etc.

The best way to receive up to date security reports is to join/use   This is also a great place to report missing pets in the Lost & Found category.   You will only receive the notifications you request when you choose your settings, so your inbox will not be slammed with information you are not interested in.