Meeting Minutes: March LCN Meeting

Lake Claire Neighbors

Monthly Meeting: Mar 19, 2015

7:15 PM at the Frazer Center, Rose Room

1815 Ponce de Leon Ave NE • Atlanta, GA 30307

Meet and greet your neighbors starting at 7:00 PM.

Pizza  (compliments of Savage Pizza) and soft drinks will be served 15 minutes before the meeting.   The Lake Claire Neighbors Association is very grateful to this local business for its generous support.                                             

Welcome – Joe Agee, President




Valencia: from Natalyn’s office

Annual tire roundup upcoming

Several carjackings recently in cp/lc
APD has worked to catch them , but many juveniles.
No new news on L5p murders.
They do has idea who killed the guy at Kroger.
If someone says nothing was taken, it doesn’t register as theft.
Please report ANY breakin, even if they only steal change from your car,and report it as something is stolen, other wise it doesnt get counted.
Jeeps have been targeted lately.

Officer Reports

Kathie, Safety:

Feb 8-3/7:
3 broken windows, one burglary.
Keep doors and windows locked and NOTHING in your vehicle.

See website for full report.

NPU, Carol

No news

Nancy, Communications:
Please sign up on the website if you want to be notified of meetings and news.

Annsley, Schools rep:
Grady cluster is getting a cut in education spending.
Budget hearing meeting coming up
March 25 community meeting.
Currently reviewing video submissions of candidates for principal for mary lin.
Inman middle is overcrowded.  Constuction is on hold . 3 senarious on table.

Peace and Love festival 28th, 2-11
Kid bands in the early hours and adult bands in the evening.
Come help on the 22th get everything set up..
Contact Kathie Evans if the mural is tagged.

Environment: (Joe for Christiane)
No new news

Treasurer report (Joe for Andrew)
LCN Treasurer Report 3/16/2015

Our bank accounts at BOND as at March 1, 2015 were:

Savings account $2155

Checking account $3982

Greenspace fund $3000

Mural fund $4286

Paid-up members 54

Fundraising (Joe for Sara)
Contact  Sara at if you would like to participate or volunteer your home for the Tour of Homes this year.

Lake Claire Centennial BBQ:
June 14 in Frazer Center gardens
Lake Trust and Lake Claire are going to hire Ms. Ladybug
Relay Races
Neighborhood scavenger hunt in the a.m.
Picnic 2-5
Volunteers needed.
Contact if you want to volunteer!

Zoning – Robin

  •  Variance V-15-035 – 2078 Palifox Dr: Applicant seeks a variance to reduce the average front setback from 33.25’ to 27’ and to reduce the required north side yard setback from 7’ to 2.5’ to allow for a second story addition to an existing single family dwelling.

30-0 approved (contingent on the plans as of 2/12/15)

  • Variance V-15-043 – 478 Ridgewood Rd: Applicant seeks a variance from the zoning ordinance to reduce the half-depth front yard setback from 17.6 ft (required) to 8ft. to allow construction of a single family house.

29-1 approved (contingent on the plans as of 2/18/15)

  • Subdivision SD-15-002 – 345 Gordon Ave: Applicant seems permission to divide a single lot into two lots.

26-3 approved. (contingent on the plans as of 2/2/15)


Visitor: Andre Dickens at large Pst 3
Ali Carter  404 458 6480