Lake Claire Security Report – March

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Lake Claire Security Report



Auto Theft

200 block Connecticut Ave   3/11/15           2007 Toyota Yaris       from driveway

500 block Hardendorf Ave    3/15/15           Attempt only in driveway

2000 Chrysler Sebring            Damage: ignition removed

2000 block DeKalb Ave         3/15/15           Attempt only in parking lot

2001 Jeep        Damage: driver door lock and removal of ignition switch    No prints

200 block Connecticut Ave   3/16/15           Attempt only in driveway

1997 Jeep Cherokee   Damage: ignition switch, passenger door and lock   No prints

400 block Hardendorf Ave    3/17/15           Attempt only at residence

2000 Dodge Dakota    Damage: steering column and rear driver side window

1800 block DeKalb Ave         3/17/15           Attempt only in driveway

1995 Jeep Cherokee   Damage: passenger side lock and steering column

200 block Southerland Terr  3/23/15           from street      no prints

2008 Jeep Commander           Note: a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee nearby contained the key to the stolen vehicle along with sunglasses all of which were taken


500 block Harold Ave                        3/17/15           Taken: music equipment, air compressor

Damaged: latch to basement door     Note: neighbor saw two Hispanic males taking items from the house to their car

1900 block McLendon Ave   3/19/15           Taken: Ipod Touch, $300 foreign currency

Damaged: side window of residence shattered         No prints found

1642 McLendon Ave  – Candler Park Market          3/24/15           3:20 am

Taken: $320 in cash, large quantity of cigarettes      Damage: small glass window broken

Surveillance video showed two masked males who fled in a red/maroon SUV after the robbery.

Theft from Auto

300 block Oxford Pl   3/12/15          from street at residence         no prints taken

Taken: laptop, charger and mouse     Damage: front passenger window broken

1800 block Gordon Manor   3/23/15           from parking lot          prints taken

Taken: iPod, sunglasses    Damage: driver’s side window broken; 2nd vehicle’s window broken

400 block Ridgewood Rd      3/25/15           from street

Taken: cards, GA driver’s license       Damage: driver’s side window broken out







The property manager at the Edgewood Retail District would like all patrons to program the following number into their phones in the event of a threatening situation or to report anything amiss:  678-618-2308.  This is ERD’s 24 hour security number.       


Contact APD by dialing 911 from your home or cell phone for any/every incidence of crime or suspicious behavior.  Program 404-658-6666 into your CELL phone for a prompter response.  Tell the operator you’re in APD’s Zone 6, Beat 608 if your location does not automatically come up on the operator’s screen.  It’s also a good idea to give a call back number.  Use 311 for non-security related issues such as missing manhole covers, side walk problems, etc.

The best way to receive up to date security reports is to join/use   This is also a great place to report missing pets in the Lost & Found category.   You will only receive the notifications you request when you choose your settings, so your inbox will not be slammed with information in which you are not interested.