Meeting Notes: July LCN

Lake Claire Neighbors
Monthly Meeting: July 16, 2015
7:15 PM at the Frazer Center, Rose Room
1815 Ponce de Leon Ave NE • Atlanta, GA 30307

APD – Lt Floyd:

Largely auto vehicle breakins. Youths ride the train in and get off and and commit crimes. Also ‘train kids’. Remember to keep your car clean!! Most crime along McLendon and Clifton, and streets that are heavily parked by patrons of restaurants. Please continue to dial 911 if you see something suspicious.

Valencia (Natalyn’s office):

Bad sidewalks:

Report it to the city to avoid liability and get it fixed.

Contact her if you see any street lights out.

Contact Commissioner about the lights on McLendon.

404 546 0311 – How to reach 311 on your cell phone (to get Atlanta not Dekalb).

When you call 911, tell them that you need Atlanta 911, and if you get Dekalb they will stay on the line until you are connected correctly.


Officer reports


Safety – Kathie Ryan:

Sam Collier has been working with Candler Park to work on the combined Security Patrol. Annual fee of $200.

Interested in another volunteer from the Tuxedo/Palifox side of the neighborhood.

Initial goal of 225 members to start and pay the offers for a year.

This is the best opportunity Lake Claire has had in years to get a Safety Patrol. The more people you have in the LC area signed up, the more focus LC will get in the patrols.


Treasurer’s Report — Andrew:

LCN Treasurer 8.2015


Remember to pay your dues.

Buy LC Merchandise

Banner : $40 (plus dues $55)

Hats and Shirts also available.

Bumper stickers are sold out by have been reordered.

Idea for next year: Send out a reminder email in January.


Fundraising – Sara Rockaway:

Hats, shirts, banners: Available on the website.


Tour of Homes: Sat Sept 26

Will be looking for volunteers – keep an eye out. You get a free ticket for volunteering!

Finalizing sponsorships.

8 confirmed homes.


Environment – Christiane French (Not present)

Waiting for estimate on Lakae Claire park plans.

Questions about LC Park plans, contact Judy Hammock at Friends of Lake Claire Park.


Communications: Nancy Dorsner

No new news.


Education Update: Annsley Klehr

Proposed an education committee to be formed to hear the voice of the neighborhood.


Zoning: Robin (Not present)

Variance 541 Clifton Road:

Free standing carport proposal. On the existing driveway.

Does the neighborhood approve this variance, contingent to request/site plan filed on July 5 2015.

Approved 10-0