Coan Splash

Passing this along from our Kirkwood Friends…. Sounds exciting!  Stay tuned as we will likely be voting on giving this project our neighborhood support at a future LCN Meeting.

Download/read the Coan SPLASH! Flyer


Coan SPLASH! wants to bring summer fun to Atlanta’s east side. Splash pads are a safe, simple way for people of all ages and abilities to cool off on a hot afternoon, and Coan Park’s convenient location and commitment to accessible play makes it an ideal location for such an amenity. With your support, we aim to have water in the air by Summer 2017.

What is a splash pad? Also known as a water playground or “spray-ground,” a splash pad is a zero-depth aquatic play surface featuring a variety of jets, fountains, and interactive elements. Simpler, safer, and more affordable than traditional pools, splash pads also provide an inclusive environment for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy.

Why Coan Park? Centrally located in the heart of Atlanta’s east side, Coan Park is conveniently accessible from 9 neighborhoods (Inman Park, Reynoldstown, Ormewood Park, Candler Park, Lake Claire, Edgewood, Kirkwood, East Lake, and East Atlanta.) Coan Park’s layout easily accommodates a splash pad and offers proximity to existing play structures and restrooms, as well as shade trees and clear lines of sight for watchful parents. Finally, splash pads provide an inclusive play environment to complement the existing Boundless Playground® and the multitude of adapted sports and therapeutic programs offered through Coan Park’s recreation center.

How do I get to the splash pad? What about parking? Coan Park is easily accessible by walking, bicycle (Hosea Williams Dr., Woodbine Ave SE. and the PATH), bus (MARTA routes 24 & 21), rail (MARTA Inman Park/Reynoldstown, Edgewood/ Candler Park & East Lake stations) and car. Coan Park’s 2 existing parking lots and on-street parking on Hosea Williams Dr. and Woodbine Ave. SE. are able to support over 200 vehicles.

When will the splash pad open? Great things take time, and our SPLASH! pad is no exception. With all of the planning, designing, engineering and permitting involved, Coan SPLASH! is targeting a grand opening in time for Summer 2017. What will it cost to visit? While many public and private splash pads charge an entry fee, Coan SPLASH! believes this amenity should be freely available to everyone. Additional services, such as private parties and pavilion rental, may be offered for a fee, but there will be no charge to access the splash pad.

How can I help? Coan SPLASH! sincerely appreciates your support! Any inquiries regarding financial assistance or volunteer opportunities can be sent via the contact information below. Most importantly, please tell your friends and neighbors that you support Coan SPLASH! and ask them to join in spreading the word!
Check out Coan SPLASH! (@CoanSPLASH):