Lake Claire Security Report for last month

Lake Claire Crime Report

Lake Claire Security Report
8/30 – 9/26 (4 week period) 2015

Auto Theft
200 block Mathews Ave 9/3 from street Stolen: white 2002 Ford EC2 with CA tag
Victim’s car keys were sitting on the center console while he worked at a construction site.
1700 block Marlbrook Dr 9/21 from street Stolen: silver 2005 Toyota Rav with GA tag
Victim said the key to the vehicle may have been left in the center console.
Theft from Auto
2000 block Tuxedo Ave 9/1 from street Taken: change Note: doors left unlocked
1800 block Indiana Ave 9/1 from street Taken: money
Damage: driver’s side window broken out No prints due to dew
500 block Clifton RD 9/10 from driveway Taken: bicycle
Damage: front passenger window broken
2080 McLendon Ave 9/10 from driveway Taken: laptop and laptop bag
Damage: rear window broken a darkly dressed male was seen near vehicle with a flashlight
200 block Oxford Pl 9/13 from street Taken: drill set, hand tools
Damage: passenger front window smashed out

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