Lake Claire Security Report 2/14 – 3/19

Lake Claire Security Report

 2/14 – 3/19  2016  (5 week period)    

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Auto Theft

400 block Claire Dr                 2/16     from driveway            Stolen: 2008 BRO Ford F25

200 block Arizona Ave            2/22     from parking lot

Stolen: blk 2000 Honda CRV with Arizona tag


2000 block McLendon             3/4       Taken: MacBook Air, work bag, $40 Braves ticket voucher

front door kicked in    Note: arrest was made when the new computer was returned to Best Buy by the thief; other stolen items were recovered from the arrestee

2000 block DeKalb Ave           3/6       Taken: laptop with bag

unknown entry method/no signs of forced entry/no prints

2000 block DeKalb Ave           3/15     Taken: Frigidaire stove, dishwasher and refrigerator

Note: Reporting party advised that when he returned to the location he discovered the plywood that had been screwed onto the door had been removed and the listed items missing.

2000 block DeKalb Ave           3/15     Note: This incident is identical to the one above except for the house address.  My guess is that these are new homes under construction.

Other Larceny

2000 block DeKalb Ave           3/16     Taken: unsecured Green Mountain bike from apt. stairwell

Note: A person with a homeless appearance had been seen on the premises; the bike was later seen by a witness who saw someone appearing homeless fleeing west on DeKalb Ave.


200 block Arizona Ave            3/10     Taken: wallet

Victims stated they were in the park and approached by two white males who tried to strike up a conversation and then placed a knife to the victim’s neck and took the female victim’s purse.

400 block Lakeshore Dr          3/12     Taken: nothing

The victim was kicking a soccer ball around in the park when approached by two white males. They began kicking the ball around with him then one of them presented a 3-4 inch knife and demanded money. The suspect went through the victim’s wallet and after finding no money, the two suspects fled east on Lakeshore.

200 block Arizona Ave             3/12     Taken: nothing

The victim was sitting in front of the house when two white male suspects approached him and asked for his phone.  Then they both pulled out knives and asked for his wallet.   Finding no money, they told the victim they were not going to hurt him and fled in a black Toyota Corolla type vehicle.

Theft from Vehicle

300 block Nelms Ave  2/22     Taken: purse containing cards, checkbook, driver’s license, cash

Victim stated that the car was unlocked with purse left on passenger’s seat.

200 block Hampton Terr         3/13     Taken: nothing listed       Damage: none/car was unlocked






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In regard to 911 emergency calls (to report crime or suspicious behavior):

Many areas of the City of Atlanta in DeKalb County are affected by cell towers that may direct 911 calls to DeKalb County instead of Atlanta.  If you call 911 from a cell phone and DeKalb Police answers, say you’re in the city of Atlanta, give your address and wait to be transferred. From a land line you call dial 911.

You can store the 10-digit Atlanta Police Emergency number in your cell phone: 404-658-6666.

If you choose to use it, give your location first because that number does not reveal your phone number and in case of disconnection the police will know where to respond.

In regard to 311 non-emergency calls (street lights out, sidewalk issues, potholes, etc.):

Call 311 from a land line or 404-546-0311 from a cell phone.