Register your home alarm

As an Atlanta homeowner you are required to register your alarm system online with Crywolf (…) or by calling 1-855-725-7102.

If you have a home alarm, it must be registered or you’ll be fined a $150 fee. Registering your alarm system is part of an ordinance that’s designed to not only lower false alarms in the City of Atlanta but reduce the time and effort needed to process false alarm fines.

Below is additional information. If you have any questions, please contact Officer Kevin Moody at

What happens now if I have false alarm in my home?
According to the ordinance, you’ll get a warning the first time. If you get a 2nd false alarm you’ll be fined a $50 fee. For every false alarm after the 2nd, the fine will escalate:
• $100 for the third false alarm
• $200 for the fourth through sixth false alarm
• $500 for every false alarm after the sixth

What is considered a “false alarm”?
According to the ordinance, a false alarm is when any alarm system summons an emergency personnel (police or fire department) and there is no fire or burglary taking place due to:
• Electric failure
• Malfunction
• Improper installation
• Negligence of the alarm user (like if your pet set off the security system’s alarm)

Even if your alarm goes off when nothing bad is happening, it won’t count as a false alarm if:
• You are able to cancel the request for response
• You’re testing the alarm after notifying you’ll be doing so ahead of time
• The alarm goes off due to “violent conditions of nature,” like a storm