Message from Councilmember Natalyn Archibong

From the Office of Councilmember Natalyn Archibong

The safety of the Lake Claire community has been paramount to Councilmember Natalyn Archibong.  Based on the concerns and complaints received by the residents of Lake Claire and Candler Park regarding the intersection of Clifton Rd. and Marlbrook Dr., Councilmember Archibong introduced legislation that called for the installation of a 4-Way Stop.  Vehicles parked on Clifton Rd oftentimes made it dangerous for vehicles and pedestrians to merge onto or cross Clifton Rd.  Prior to the installation of the 4-Way stop, children and adults had difficulty crossing to get to Mary Lin Elementary School.  Other updates include Lake Claire specific Renew Atlanta Bond Projects.  Scheduled improvements include the Phase 1 renovation of Lake Claire Park. The current scope of work covers ADA Compliance and access to the enhanced playground.  The Office of Buildings, city arborists, and AUDC are completing their construction permit reviews.  Additionally, several streets throughout Lake Claire will also be resurfaced.

Public meetings have also started to discuss the DeKalb Avenue Corridor.  Councilmember Archibong encourages all District 5 residents who live near or travel on DeKalb Avenue to attend these meetings.  The goal is to explore ways to improve the safety of the pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists.  Citizens may view the most recent presentation, maps, and renderings, under the “Meetings” tab.

Councilmember Archibong also sponsored legislation that was unanimously approved to create and populate the Elder Crimes Task Force.  Her purpose for establishing this task force is to review policies and best practices with the goal of creating a safer environment for senior citizens.  The task force will be a joint effort of local law enforcement and community representatives.  Councilmember Archibong has also supported the installation of cameras throughout District 5.  Historically, these cameras have allowed the Atlanta Police Department to make several arrests where crimes have occurred including identifying and apprehend suspects of vehicle break-ins.    In September, the Atlanta City Council approved $52,000 in funding to support the activities and initiatives of the Atlanta Youth Commission.  The allocation was sponsored by Councilmember Archibong, and the measure was approved unanimously.

Quick Note regarding Tax Payments:  City of Atlanta taxes were due November 30.  The first installment of the DeKalb Taxes was due September 30.  If you have not received the written notice of the City of Atlanta taxes, the amount due can be found at

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