Meeting Notes for Jan’17

Lake Claire Neighbors
Monthly Meeting: Thurs. Jan. 19, 2017
7:15 PM at the Frazer Center, Rose Room
1815 Ponce de Leon Ave NE • Atlanta, GA 30307
Meet and greet your neighbors starting at 7:00 PM.

Pizza  (compliments of Savage Pizza) and soft drinks will be served 15 minutes before the meeting.   The Lake Claire Neighbors Association is very grateful to this local business for its generous support.

Welcome – please sign in and wear a name tag

Guest speakers (Representatives of the City Council, and Atlanta Police Department)

APD contact:   Lt. J.D. Patterson, 2025 Hosea Williams Dr., Z-6 Precinct.   Email:


LCN officer reports. 

  Communication -Nancy. Sign up for mailing list on our website.

NPU – Carol. 545 Hardendorf, got confirmation that request has been pulled.  551 is still moving forward. 

Safety – 11/15 to 12/5 3 theft from auto.   Remember to keep your cars clean/empty.

    Join the patrol – 40% crime drop since patrol started. $200/yr.

    Recommend signing up for NextDoor as the police communicate on there.

Treasurer – 2016 we raised $9500 ($2300 from dues). 117 paid members.  

    Donating $3000 to Lake Claire Park project (earmarked from last home tour).

Fundraising – Centennial June 4

Education – APS is cutting budget , don’t know impact to our neighborhood schools yet.  APS is closing Whiteford Elem. moving kids to Burgess Peterson & Toomer.

Environment – Dekalb Ave.

Announcements and current issues

  • 2017 dues reminder – $20 per household
  • “SLOW DOWN” street signs available at the meeting.   Signs are provided by PEDS, and Abbadabba’s,
  • LCN events for 2017
  • Jun 4 – Third Annual Lake Claire Centennial
  • In Fall: Gift sale & holiday potluck.
  • DeKalb Avenue improvement update. Meeting last month. Atlanta still collecting info. Valencia will let us know about future meetings.
  • Pullman Yard update
  • Greg Ramsay
  • Property is officially for sale by the state of Georgia. No requirement that the buildings be preserved or forest be preserved. The Pullman Forest Alliance is working to influence, focusing on the greenspace.
  • Freedom Bridge over Moreland Ave.
  • Naka from the Freedom Park Conservancy.
  • Proposal from the Friends of FP Bridge.