Minutes from the last LCN Meeting

Lake Claire Neighbors
Monthly Meeting: Thurs. Feb. 16, 2017
7:15 PM at the Frazer Center, Rose Room
1815 Ponce de Leon Ave NE • Atlanta, GA 30307

Meet and greet your neighbors starting at 7:00 PM.

Pizza (compliments of Savage Pizza) and soft drinks will be served 15 minutes before the meeting. The Lake Claire Neighbors Association is very grateful to this local business for its generous support.

Welcome – please sign in and wear a name tag

Guest speakers (Representatives of the City Council, and Atlanta Police Department)

Valencia from Natalyn Archibong’s Office
Dekalb Ave: next meeting March 30 6pm Liberty Baptist in Old 4th Ward
Seniors mtg at Drew – Valencia will get us the info for the website.
Lakeshore traffic issues – Judy Hammack is working to get mitigation
Cameras – if we want APD cameras we need to request. Pen will follow up with Valencia.

Sergeant Hines, Zone 6
Keep your car clean!

LCN officer reports

Nancy: No issues – sign up for the newsletter at LakeClaire.org.

Reporting for Judy Hammack – presenting plan for the work that is currently happening in Lake Claire park.
Looking for donations for benches and such.

Pen: 2 larceny from Vehicle
Stolen Car

(Joe for Annsley)
Grady cluster is in good shape. Searching for new principals for Grady & Inman.

Robin: no variances


(Joe) $8000 Reserve funds


Announcements and current issues

• 2017 dues reminder – $20 per household

• “SLOW DOWN” street signs available at the meeting. Signs are provided by PEDS, peds.org and Abbadabba’s, coolshoes.com

• LCN events for 2017
o June 4- Annual Centennial Party

• Support for Atlanta Canopy Alliance, Miriam Herbers
o What to do if you see a large tree cut down without a permit. (Doesn’t have an orange X)
o Sign the Pledge and find out more things that you can do to help at www.treesatlanta.com/pledge

• Candler Park/Lake Claire Security Patrol, Branch Sinkule
o Crime is down, a lot has to do with the patrol.
o Vacation service – extra checks of your house during your vacation period. Looking to implement a text based notification.
o Several Board of Directors slots opening this year. Contact if interested in joining.
o 90% of funds goes to pay the patrolling off-duty APD officers.
o Signup at cplcpatrol.com.

• The New Church Candler Park United Methodist Congregation (formerly the Epworth Methodist Church), Andy Woodworth, co pastor
o Epworth merged with Druid Hills last year. New name soon!
o Druid Hills property has been sold, and now have engaged an architect to evaluate the Epworth building viability.
o Survey for neighbors – online at newatlantachurch.com
o Thursday Mar 9, listening session in Sanctuary.

• 545/551 Hardendorf Ave. update
o Interior lot doesn’t need a variance, they will be building on that. The second lot they have withdrawn their application so they can work with the neighborhood.

• Meeting Saturday at 1625 McLendon property near Fellini’s. Has been approved by CP neighborhood and BZA, but still controversial, and concerns about precident. Issue that zoning is unusual, but we don’t have the details to cover it here.