Meeting Minutes: August

August Minutes

Minutes for Lake Claire Neighbors
Monthly Meeting: Thurs. Aug. 17, 2017
7:15 PM at the Frazer Center, Rose Room
1815 Ponce de Leon Ave NE • Atlanta, GA 30307

Pizza (Compliments of Savage Pizza) was served 15 minutes before the meeting.

Meeting began at 7:15 pm


Guest speakers (Representatives of the City Council, and Atlanta Police Department)

Valencia Hudson, Councilmember Natalyn Archibong’s representative, asked for any concerns in Lake Claire. Issues about sidewalk repair were raised and she advised residents to contact her and provide a specific street address. Call (404) 330-6048 or email:

Recently promoted Lt. Guerin, of the APD 6th District, reported on the generally low crime in Lake Claire. He also mentioned the value of the City’s CourtWatch program in order to ensure that repeat offenders are recognized. For more information contact or call (404) 613-8406

LCN officer reports
Pen Sherwood, VP for Safety, reminded neighbors not to leave anything visible in their cars that will attract criminals. She encouraged everyone to register with to make it easier for the emergency responder to respond to your emergency calls and advised residents to sign up for the Candler Park/Lake Claire Security Patrol.

Joe Agee, President, gave the financial report for Jim Rockaway, VP for Finance Treasurer: the LCN has $11, 698 in available funds. $3,000 is held in the LCN BOND account for repairs and upkeep of DeKalb Ave. Mural. In April of this year, $3,000 on hold from the 2011 LCN Tour of Homes was released to the grant fund for the continuing improvement of Lake Claire Park. 84 residents have paid dues so far this year.
He also noted that the Beautify Atlanta Recycling Center located at 320 Irwin Street in the Old Fourth Ward is moving to Kirkwood/Edgewood Neighborhood area at Coan Middle School on 1550 Hosea Williams Dr. Recycling takes place on the 2nd Sat. of each month from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Included are electronics, paper shredding, Styrofoam, and paint.

Announcements and current issues

2017 dues reminder – $20 per household
Mark Tia from the City’s Dept. of Public Works presented a plan for revising the bicycle markings along the 1900 block of McLendon Avenue, which would involve the loss of two on street parking spaces. No vote was required but there was general agreement that the changes would be an improvement. For further information, Mark can be contacted at:

Annsley Klehr, Education Chair, introduced three candidates for Atlanta Public School Board of Education: Rashida Winfrey and Antoine Trammell for District 3 and John Wright for an At-large seat. A list of questions was submitted by residents of Lake Claire and each candidate was asked to respond in turn:

How will you work with the City Council members in our district? What issues matter to you? So far, increased development in the Grady Cluster and Mary Lin area in particular, has strained the public schools and there haven’t been any development fees or parts of the revenue that have gone back to the schools. What do you think about this?

What would be their recommendations for improvements in recruiting and retaining talent, especially in specialty areas, such as science, math, special ed, etc.?

How might they seek to strengthen collaboration and partnerships with the governments of the City of Atlanta, Fulton County and DeKalb County?

Given that government and schools must be funded and that taxes are the price we pay for living in a civilized society, 1) do you feel that the best communities and neighborhoods are stable and diverse? 2) Do you feel that the current property tax structure does or does not support stable and diverse neighborhoods? 3) If so, please explain how. If not, how will you work to change the property tax structure–understanding that change must happen on both state and local levels–to create a property tax system that adequately funds schools and government and still promotes stable and diverse neighborhoods and communities?

The Variance request (V-15-011) for 1979 Tuxedo Ave. passed unanimously with vote of 12.

Meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

Submitted by Joe Agee