Help! Problems with Payments processed during the sale.

issuesDear Friends and Neighbors,

Thank-you so much for supporting the Lake Claire Art and Craft Sale by purchasing items from our artists. A significant portion of your purchases is intended for the charitable efforts and programs of Lake Claire Neighbors and Mary Lin Elementary School, whose young choir sang so beautifully for us during the sale.

Unfortunately, we have to tell you that there was a glitch in payments made by credit card during the sale between approximately 10.00 a.m. and midday on December 2. For reasons that are not completely clear, some transactions made through our Square credit card reader did not get properly processed online and will therefore not be charged to your credit card. This means that artists may not receive full payment for the items they sold, while the supporting organizations will have to bear a significant loss.

We accept full responsibility and most humbly apologize for this error, whatever the actual cause!

At the same time we kindly ask those of you who purchased by credit card at the sale to carefully check your eventual credit card statements. If the purchases were properly charged, there should be an item on your statement showing payment to Janpen Sherwood via Square.  You should also have received a message from Square confirming the payment. If you received no such message and/or no such payments are shown on your statement, this means that items you purchased have not been charged.

In that case, for the sake of supporting our artists as well as our charities, we would most gratefully appreciate it if you could send what you believe to be the correct amount via one of the following methods:
Check payable to Lake Claire Neighbors, marked “art show” and mailed to LCN, PO Box 5942, Atlanta, GA 31107
Payment via PayPal to  marked “art show”.  And the easiest way is as a form of donation via this link  Click here to support Lake Claire Neighbors and Mary Lin organized by Pen Sherwood

We are sorry for any inconvenience it may cause you.

Obviously we have to accept responsibility for this situation, but we do hope that you can find your way to help our artists and charities as mentioned above. Thank-you in advance for your kind help!
Janpen Sherwood (Pen) (
Fund-raising Co-ordinator, Lake Claire Neighbors