Lake Claire and the Environment

Lake Claire is well known and beloved for its abundant green spaces, both public and private.

At the heart of the neighborhood sits Lake Claire Park, with its wooded areas and trails, large playing field, young children’s play area, and tennis courts. Other parks nearby include Candler Park, the Olmsted Linear Park, and Freedom Park.

Not too far away from Lake Claire Park, at the end of Arizona Avenue, is the Lake Claire Community Land Trust, a communal green space and nonprofit neighborhood member organization with a mission to acquire, maintain, and protect green space for neighborhood enhancement and education, and to provide a place for neighbors and friends to celebrate nature, community, and the arts.

A popular spot for hiking and exploring, the Frazer Forest is a thirty-plus-acre green space in the midst of Lake Claire and the private preserve of the Frazer Center, which for many years has opened its woodlands to neighborhood visitors. In recent years, a Lake Claire group called Friends of the Forest has volunteered to help steward the forest.

Our neighborhood is also home to the Harold Avenue Greenspace, a City-designated passive green space under the stewardship of Lake Claire Neighbors; and a diverse number of residential gardens, some of which may be enjoyed by visitors at the annual Lake Claire Home & Garden Tour.

Events for the Environment

Throughout the year, the neighborhood association and other nonprofit organizations in Atlanta organize workdays to help improve and beautify our green spaces. We also host events to celebrate and raise money for our parks and natural spaces. Check out Events and our neighborhood calendar to learn more about upcoming activities. If you are interested in getting involved with these or any other initiatives, please contact our VP of Environment at environment@lakeclaire.org.

Environmental Groups Active in and around Lake Claire

The Lake Claire Garden Club, an informal group of neighbors who gather monthly, has helped keep our park and yards blooming since the 1930s. As a neighborhood, we also work closely with organizations dedicated to improving, protecting, and honoring our City’s green spaces:

  • The Peavine Watershed Alliance has received grants for stream cleanups and watershed improvements.
  • Tree Climbers International—started by Peter “Treeman” Jenkins in Atlanta in 1983 with Nimrod and Dianna, the two big white oak trees that used to stand tall and proud near the Land Trust—provides tree climbing information and activities.
  • The Freedom Park Conservancy oversees the development of the largest new urban park of the twentieth century.